Responsive. Disciplined. Execution.

Institutional Sales

Lightyear’s institutional sales and trading services includes:
• Trading
• Block trading and equity sourcing
• Syndication
• Normal Course Issuer Bids

Sales & Trading

Lightyear Capital Inc. offers sales and trading services and solutions to institutional and private, high-net-worth clients. Lightyear has national distribution and strong relationships with financial institutions and dealers that enables efficient execution of trading mandates.

We have timely sector knowledge and industry insights that allow us to source and execute optimal trading opportunities for our clients in line with market movements and trends. Our network and relationships enable us to service and manage special situation trades, including illiquid investments and discreet block order management on our focus stocks. Lightyear also offers distribution and a full range of retail products to accredited, private clients.

Private Client Sales

Lightyear’s retail sales and trading services includes:
• Access to all North American markets
• Structured products, ETFs, active and passive managed funds
• Account types include cash, margin, TFSA, RSP and RESP
• Private and public market issues